Turmeric & Kojic Acid Brightening Mask

Turmeric & Kojic Acid Brightening Mask

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This brightening Mask made of natural ingredients to fade your dark spot, and target areas with hyperpigmentation like underarm, bikini line, face and other areas of the body.  It contains poppy seed which helps to reduce inflammation It can also be used as an eye mask.

It leaves your skin moisturized even after you wash the mask off.  


Tumeric powder, Raw Honey, Aloe vera gel,  Safflower oil, Marula oil, arrowroot powder, kojic acid, poppy seed.
Before your shower, apply the gel on the desired area and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Double cleanse if you experience stain.
WARNING: DO NOT APPLY MASK INSIDE VAGINA, only apply on your V line or bikini area
Please do a patch test to check any allergies 
Use 3-4 times weekly


       Shelf Life: 6 months- 1 year


Note: Do a patch test before use